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Webmissen: Shelly (Michelle)
Domain: Homepage Baukasten
Newssystem: Cutenews
CN- Skin: Selina
Resourcen:The Peril, outspoken-kate, swimchick, the-butterlfy, moargh, majestic-skies.net, out-of-scence, shizoo; Bloomotion; Momohime

Bilder: ashley.4fans.net, vanessa-pictures.org, miley-unlimited.4fans.net, hanabira.de, cortado.bplaced.net, vanessa-anne.org,ash-and-be.org, blackmage9.deviantart.com, be-scene.org; animegalleries.net ; imageshack.us; photobucket.com

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What Constitutess Me

Name: Shelly
Birthday: 20.11.1994
Age: 16
Looks: 1,65m, hazelbrown hair, green eyes.
Main Interessts: Graphic Design, Fashion, Fashion Design, Books, Music, Phone Calls, Shopaholic, Orange Juice, Ice Tea, Bubble Gum, Love x3

Networks and Specialties
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